Fresh harvest on a daily basis - from the comfort of your home!

With your own smartGarten, you can easily grow salads, herbs, chilies and vegetables in your own home. So you always have the right amount of especially fresh and crunchy veggies.

Find the right smartGarten for you

Smart Gardens - Made in Germany

Smart Gardens - Made in Germany

  1. Get away from anonymous supermarket mass products
  2. Experience firsthand what regional cultivation means
  3. Harvest in YOUR garden to give your food the flavor kick you need
  4. Use our app to get the most out of your harvest

Find the right smartGarten for your home

How the smartGärten work

1. Fill water tank

2. Plug in and connect with the app

3. Use simpleCups with organic seeds.

4. Take care of your plants according to app

5. Enjoy your harvest

Professional cooks love the smartGarten

"We love the extra crisp and fresh harvest from our smartGarten!"

Thomas Sampl (NDR Visite & Hobenköök)

"The smartGarten from simplePlant are for everyone! Home growing herbs, lettuce and vegetables couldn't be easier. It gives me the opportunity to harvest fresh every day."

Meta Hiltebrand (Kitchen Impossible & Cookcouture)

... and this is what our customers say!


From over 150 reviews

"I've never had such great, great basil leaves. And in the process, you have to worry about almost nothing. It's truly foolproof!"

Lea P.

Already over 1,000 smartGardeners enjoy fresh veggies in their homes!

Enjoy a healthy lifestyle

Supermarket plants are grown for long transport and storage times and treated with chemicals. Taste, nutrients and freshness fall by the wayside. Enjoy crisp, delicious and vitamin-rich organic plants directly from your smartGarten - without pesticides!

Naturally beautiful.

Bring nature into your home! The smartGarden is not just another plastic kitchen appliance, but your natural oasis of well-being. Garden feeling whenever and wherever you want.

Local meets exotic.

Classics like parsley and dill or exotics like Red Salad Bowl and Cerbiatta. The plants in the simpleCups grow best in the efficient hydroponic system - thanks to the hybrid technology you could still switch to soil at any time.

Moin, we are simplePlant!

With our smart and sustainable smartGärten we want to bring nature back to you!

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You can order free of charge from 30€. If you do not like the products, you can return them free of charge.

60 days return policy

Not sure if a smartGarten is right for you? Then give it a try! Don't worry, you'll love it.

Personal customer service

We are happy to help you with any questions and problems and find a solution for everything. Just call or write us.

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Discover the smartGardens

Your perfect indoor garden and the ultimate hydroponic growing system in one. Our innovative solutions make gardening a breeze, whether you're an experienced gardener or a beginner. Our smart gardens combine cutting-edge technology with stylish design to give you the best of both worlds.

The indoor garden revolution!

Our Smart Indoor Gardens revolutionize the concept of indoor gardening. With the hydroponic growing method, we offer you the opportunity to grow your plants without soil. Instead of relying on traditional soil conditions, you instead use a smart irrigation and nutrient system to ensure optimal growing conditions. The result? Healthier plants, faster growing times and easier maintenance.

The ideal growing system for your plants

Our hydroponic growing system allows you to grow your own plants from scratch. Whether you want to grow herbs, salads or vegetables , our smartGardens have everything you need. With our specially designed simpleCups, pre-filled with the right nutrients and seeds, you can start growing without any hassle. Our smart sensors monitor moisture levels, temperature, fill levels and nutrient levels to ensure your plants are thriving.

Make your home green and smart

With our smartGardens , your home will not only be greener, but also smarter. Connect your indoor garden to our easy-to-use app and control the environment for your plants. You'll receive notifications about the condition of your plants and you can adjust the lighting system. So you can take care of your plants even when you're not at home.

Invest in quality and sustainability

Our smartGardens are made of high-quality materials and are designed to last. We value sustainability and environmental friendliness, so our growing system is energy-efficient and resource-saving. Enjoy the benefits of indoor gardening without harming the environment.

Discover the world of indoor gardening with our smartGardens

Whether you're looking for a decorative element, growing fresh herbs for your kitchen, or just want to experience the joy of gardening, our smartGardens are the perfect choice. Order today and let your plants shine in new splendor.