Perfectly matched for carefree gardening.

Classics like parsley and dill or exotics like Red Salad Bowl and Cerbiatta? You decide what grows in your garden! With our coordinated beds and the best organic seeds from Bingenheimer Saatgut AG, we guarantee optimal growth for your plants.


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Fine HerbsFine Herbs
Fine Herbs Sale price€8,00
Basil variationBasil variation
Basil variation Sale price€8,00
Healing HerbsHealing Herbs
Healing Herbs Sale price€8,00
Mediterrana HerbsMediterrana Herbs
Mediterrana Herbs Sale price€8,00
Basil variation 2Basil variation 2
Basil variation 2 Sale price€8,00
Purple FlowersPurple Flowers
Purple Flowers Sale price€8,00
Purple Flowers 2Purple Flowers 2
Purple Flowers 2 Sale price€8,00
Healing Herbs 2Healing Herbs 2
Healing Herbs 2 Sale price€8,00
Bohnenkraut Sale price€8,00
Teefenchel Sale price€8,00