Mediterrana Herbs

Summer vacation? Tastes good!

Harvest 30g per week - enough for 2 dishes

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Perfectly suited for your smartGarten
sorts: Majoran/Oregano/Thymian

The simpleCups contain organic seeds from Bingenheimer Saatgut AG.

Bingenheimer Saatgut AG deals exclusively in organic seeds and seedlings of seed-proof varieties.

The team behind simplePlant

After years of tinkering, testing & optimizing, we are incredibly happy to finally be gardening together with you! It was a long way from the first experiments in a 2-room apartment in Hamburg-Barmbek to a production-ready start-up product.

In collaboration with the University of Hamburg, we are researching our smartGardens together with the Institute of Plant Sciences and Microbiology. The studies focus on optimizing the harvest in terms of nutrient content and biomass, minimizing the use of resources, and comparisons of growing in hydroponics and soil.