Gesund und nachhaltig, ganz nach deinem Geschmack

The smartGarden - Naturally beautiful

With its timeless and clean design, our smartGarten is a real eye-catcher. It combines all essential functions for plants in a high-quality piece of designer furniture made of natural and sustainable materials - developed and handmade in Hamburg and the surrounding area.

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The most regional veggies right in your home

The smartGarten is energy-efficient and water-saving. So you can enjoy fresh veggies from your own garden all year round - independent of expensive, imported supermarket products.

Healthy for you - Good for the environment

Solid wood and stainless steel instead of plywood and plastic. The smartGarten is made from sustainable materials that are safe for your health. It's better for you and it looks better too.

These partners support us in the development and production of the smartGarden