Aesthetically & Sustainably Designed

Fresh plants with the best taste - Harvested in your home

Grow your own plants all year round. Even without a green thumb.

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smartGarden S

The compact
from €170,00

smartGarden E

The best price / harvest ratio
from €230,00

smartGarden M

Our bestseller
from €350,00

smartGarden X

Maximum Flexible
from €420,00

That's why the smartGarten is the perfect indoor garden for you

Gesund und nachhaltig, ganz nach deinem Geschmack

Grow your favorite veggies cheap & fresh yourself

The smartGarten is energy-efficient and water-saving. So you can enjoy fresh veggies from your own garden all year round - independent of expensive supermarket products.

Works with little time & without green thumb

The built-in sensor technology monitors the nutrient supply of your plants. The simplePlant app tells you exactly what to do and when.

Grow your favorite plants

Our modular system allows you to grow exactly the vegetables, herbs and lettuce you love to eat.

Discover the smartGarden now

This is what the smartGarden could look like in your home

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