Give your office a truly smart upgrade.

Improve the working atmosphere of your employees with our indoor garden.
Our smart gardens are designer pieces with function - they look good and provide you with a fresh harvest of delicious, vitamin-rich organic plants at the same time.

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The smartGarten is energy-efficient and water-saving. So you can enjoy fresh veggies from your own office garden all year round.

The built-in sensor technology monitors the nutrient supply of your plants. The simplePlant app tells you exactly what you need to do and when. On average, this is a task every 1-2 weeks. So as good as no effort!

Our modular system lets you grow the vegetables, herbs and lettuce your employees like best.

Give your office a new look

Our smartGardens

Choose your perfect smartGarten with our 3 sizes

smartGarden S

The compact

snartGarden M

Our best seller

smartGarden X

Maximum Flexible

Special designs? No problem

We offer offices a custom smartGarten to provide the perfect solution for any space.

Our vision

The working atmosphere is becoming more and more important these days. We want to help offices take their office space to the next level, increasing employee motivation.

Our smartGardens not only look good, but also provide your employees with fresh harvests of delicious, vitamin-rich BIO plants at the same time to promote a healthy lifestyle.

The more you offer your employees, the more they give back to you. We want to support offices with this mindset.

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