Moin, we are simplePlant!

With our smartGärten we want to bring nature back to you!

It is a matter of the heart for us to bring products to market that not only make your daily life easier, but are also sustainable & natural at the same time.

Because we believe sustainability & comfort do not have to be a contradiction, just like technology & nature!

The simplePlant Team

Felix Witte

Development & Production

Pablo Antelo Reimers

Plant Research & Purchasing

Ben Märten

Managing Director

Gesund und nachhaltig, ganz nach deinem Geschmack

The simplePlant Blog

You want to learn more about us, the smartGärten, indoor gardening and hydroponics? Then take a look at our blog!

There we regularly publish interesting and helpful articles about the world of simplePlant.

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Our partners

The University of Hamburg is our partner in plant research. Together with the Institute of Plant Sciences and Microbiology, we conduct research with and on our smartGardens. The studies focus on optimizing the harvest in terms of nutrient content and biomass, minimizing the use of resources, and comparing cultivation in hydroponics and soil.

We are partner of the Regionalwert AG Hamburg. Regionalwert AG is an exclusive network of ecological, regional and social businesses. By issuing citizen shares, it strengthens regional, social and ecological businesses. The goal is to make agriculture suitable for grandchildren!

Bingenheimer Saatgut AG deals exclusively in organic seed & planting material of seed-stable varieties. These can be further propagated with a stable varietal pattern, which means that the trailed plants have the same characteristics and the same shape as the mother plant. They are able to form fertile seeds as it is naturally predisposed.

Bauhaus is our first major distribution partner. From now on you can get our smartGärten and simpleCups in selected specialty centers. Surely soon also near you!

Hobenköök is the culinary venue in Hamburg's Oberhafen. In a unique interplay of restaurant, market hall and catering, mostly regional and seasonal food is offered. In the restaurant there are eight smartGärten with which the Hobenköök refines selected dishes.

We source our electronic parts from the Würth Elektronik Group and are therefore as regional and sustainable as possible, even in the very Asia-heavy semi-conductor sector.

Fromfreund Holzmanufaktur handcrafts the carcasses from high-quality solid wood near the Teutoburg Forest.

Grünthal Feinblechtechnik GmbH is a metal construction company from Oststeinbek near Hamburg. This is where we source the metal elements.

Functioning and intuitive software is the passion of Brickmakers GmbH. That's why they strive to build a piece of the digital future. They want to create software solutions that not only fully satisfy their clientele but also add value to society.

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