Just the thing for you and your plants!

With the intuitive app you can control your smartGarten and choose the ideal plant program.

The integrated sensor system accompanies you through the entire cultivation process and enables optimal plant care.

The power-saving LEDs give your plants exactly the wavelengths they need for lush growth.

The large tank supplies your plants with water and nutrients - even when you're not thinking about them.

Heimgärtnern mit dem simplePlant und der smartGarten App

Let's grow - home gardening has never been so simple!

The smartGarten combines all essential elements for plants such as light, water & nutrients with sustainable aesthetics. Together with the University of Hamburg, we have developed a flexible system that allows you to harvest fresh, healthy and tasty plants all year round, even in the heart of an urban city.

Gesund und nachhaltig, ganz nach deinem Geschmack

Healthy and sustainable, just the way you like it

Classics like parsley and dill or exotics like Red Salad Bowl and Cerbiatta? You decide what grows in your garden! With our coordinated beds and the best organic seeds from Bingenheimer Saatgut AG, we guarantee optimal growth for your plants.

Discover our smartGardens

Your green thumb in an app.

Choose ideal plant programs that accompany you through the entire cultivation process and provide optimal instructions based on innovative sensor technology. Incorrect watering, fertilizing and lighting are definitely a thing of the past.