Aesthetically & Sustainably developed

Fresh Veggies with perfect taste - Harvested in your home

Grow your own plants, not matter the season. No green thumb needed. Discover the smartGarden now

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Why the smartGarden is the perfect indoor garden for you

Maximum harvest due to built-in nutrient sensor technology

The sensors show you in our app how many spoons of fertilizer you need to add. This way, you don't need pre-fertilized cups and you don't have a lot of maintenance.

Healthy for you - Good for the environment

Solid wood and stainless steel instead of plywood and plastic. The smartGarten is built with high-quality materials from regional origin.

Grow your favorite plants

Our modular system lets you grow exactly the vegetables, herbs and lettuce you like best.

Discover the smartGarden now

Find the right smartGarden for your home

smartGarden S

The compact garden

smartGarden M

Our bestseller

smartGarden X

Maximum flexibility