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  • Harvest fresh and crunchy veggies on a daily basis
  • Every garden is uniqe - a true eyecatcher!
  • Regional & sustainable - handmade in Germany
  • Smart control via app for optimal plant growth
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The perfect compact indoor garden for your home! Whether kitchen, dining room or living room, the smartGarten S fits everywhere and provides you with your favorite veggies. Thanks to reliable hydroponics, you don't even need a green thumb!

"Unser Favorit für einen Indoor Kräutergarten"

Wohnidee 02 | 2023

Sustainable materials

Efficient LED lighting

Integrated level indicator

Water saving hydroponics

Smart control via app

These partners support us in the development and production of the smartGarden

This is why the smartGarten is the press favorite among indoor gardens

With our indoor garden, you'll harvest crisp vegetables and fresh herbs that you can't get at the supermarket. Thanks to the high-quality, regional components, the smartGarten is also a stylish piece of designer furniture. Even without a green thumb, you can easily grow your own plants with the smartGarten. Thanks to built-in sensors and an app, you always know what your plants need.

Gesund und nachhaltig, ganz nach deinem Geschmack

1. you can't get fresher, tastier & crunchier than this

Supermarket vegetables are bred for long storage and transport routes - we don't need that. With our smartGarten you always have fresh, crisp veggies directly on your plate. On average, you harvest 5 times more with a smartGarten than in soil and still have the greatest variety. Choose between 6 different basil varieties, rare chilies and many other plants. Or choose what you want to spice up your food with our empty cups.

2. designer piece made in Hamburg

Our smartGardens are made exclusively with high quality materials such as oak and stainless steel in Hamburg. The gardens are handmade and finished with spray wax. The integrated lighting gives a pleasant sunny yellow light in your home. And the best part is, none of your friends have a garden like this.

3. thanks to the simplePlant app you always know what to do

The simplePlant app always gives you precise data on what to do and when via the Bluetooth connection to the smartGarten. The integrated sensor system measures the fill level and nutrient content for optimal plant growth. The efficient LED lighting provides the perfect wavelength for photosynthesis.

4. gardening without pests & dirt

With our smartGardens you can focus on the beauty of gardening. Our hydroponic system eliminates the need for soil. This means you don't have to worry about pests or dirt. Our simpleCups are 100% compostable and filled with biodynamic Demeter seeds.

Frequently asked questions

As seen on NDR

Our founder Ben in the NDR interview for the Hamburg Journal on 04.04.2022

The team behind simplePlant

After years of tinkering, testing & optimizing, we are incredibly happy to finally be gardening together with you! It was a long way from the first experiments in a 2-room apartment in Hamburg-Barmbek to a production-ready start-up product.

In collaboration with the University of Hamburg, we are researching our smartGardens together with the Institute of Plant Sciences and Microbiology. The studies focus on optimizing the harvest in terms of nutrient content and biomass, minimizing the use of resources, and comparisons of growing in hydroponics and soil.

Plants and accessories for your smartGarden