smartGarten X

Perfect for chilies, tomatoes, cucumbers & much more

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➤ Always healthy, fresh & crisp vegetables on your plate

➤ Easily grow and harvest your own plants (even without a green thumb)

➤ Built-in sensors & app mean you always know what your plants need at any given moment

➤ No soil, pests or dirt thanks to highly effective hydroponics

➤ Stylish design and high quality from Hamburg: The smartGarten is a real eye-catcher!

➤ Sustainable cultivation without pesticides or other harmful substances.

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The world's most variable indoor garden. With the smartGarten X, there are no more limits to your garden projects - whether salads, herbs or chilies. The flexible height, the modular system and the powerful but efficient lighting make it the ideal greenhouse for your home. Thanks to sensor-monitored hydroponics, you don't even need a green thumb!

"Unser Favorit für einen Indoor Kräutergarten"

Wohnidee 02 | 2023

simplePlant ist bekannt aus:

Sustainable materials

Efficient LED lighting

Innovative sensor technology

Water saving hydroponics

Height adjustable carrier

Smart & stylish cultivation with the smartGarten X

Discover the smartGarten X - your very own height-adjustable indoor garden for healthy, fresh and crispy salads & herbs but also chilies & tomatoes. Whether for the kitchen, the living room or the office, the smartGarten X is the ideal piece of designer furniture for anyone who is passionate about sustainable and healthy living.

Perfect for everyone thanks to the smartGarten app - even without a green thumb!

Imagine if you could have fresh plants on your plate all year round - all without the hassle of gardening, harmful pesticides or dirt.
The smartGarten X makes it possible. Even if you've never planted anything before, you don't have to worry about "how?". Because with our smart indoor technology, everything becomes a breeze.
The built-in smart sensors and app give you all the important information about your new smartGarten at any time.

Freshness and variety from nature in your four walls

The smartGarten X offers you an incredible variety of different plants that you can grow at home thanks to the height-adjustable support. Whether it's rare chilies or exotic basil varieties, the smartGarten X gives you the perfect choice.
So you'll have healthy, fresh and crunchy veggies at every meal. And without pesticides, long transport routes or storage times.

Order now and soon enjoy your homegrown plants!

Imagine being able to have fresh plants on your plate all year round - all without the hassle of gardening, harmful pesticides or dirt.
Get your own smartGarten X now and enjoy stress-free and sustainable growing of fresh vegetables and herbs in your home.

Sustainability meets stylish design

Instead of using pesticides and harmful substances, we focus on sustainability and regional components. So you can plant without a guilty conscience and be 100% sure what ends up on your plate.

As seen on NDR

Our founder Ben in the NDR interview for the Hamburg Journal on 04.04.2022

The team behind simplePlant

After years of tinkering, testing & optimizing, we are incredibly happy to finally be gardening together with you! It was a long way from the first experiments in a 2-room apartment in Hamburg-Barmbek to a production-ready start-up product.

In collaboration with the University of Hamburg, we are researching our smartGardens together with the Institute of Plant Sciences and Microbiology. The studies focus on optimizing the harvest in terms of nutrient content and biomass, minimizing the use of resources, and comparisons of growing in hydroponics and soil.